2018 year

After Bloodbath Kavkaz Shamil Rakhmanov, a Moscow hero, has left the city, disillusioned with people and the world. He thought the evil was thrown down and everything was in order.

He was wrong. Heroes are often wrong.

And now, in 2027, everything is even worse. The future Russia is a cruel place divided into restricted militarized zones controlled by omnipotent Roscorp Inc. Roscorp Inc rules everything, and it seems that no one can stop its reign.

No one but Shamil Rakhmanov! Because he will be back in Bloodbath Requiem to inflict vengeance, exterminate evil and do the right thing.

He will be back to eat shawarma and kick some asses! And, believe me, he will run out of shawarma very soon.

Bloodbath Requiem is a fast and dynamic top-down shooter inspired by Hotline Miami, which will kick your ass in a Russian style.

Dagestan Technology again are off to kick your ass, and you'd better be prepared. Are you ready? You were warned!